Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fellowship Heals Many Wounds

After a rough day at work yesterday, I was excited that the Reynolds were coming over for dinner, dessert, and coffee.  Work was rough for a number of reasons which I won't elaborate on - but I am confident that everyone has recently had one of those days.

The Reynolds are an amazing family.  God has poured forth His power through their family to display His capabilities and His limitlessness.  They adopted one domestically, then had biological twins, then adopted three siblings from Russia, then three more siblings from Russia, and now are in the process of adopting three more non-siblings from Russia.  If you lost count, that's a current tally of 9 with 3 more on the way.  They have amazing hearts toward the lonely and defenseless, the afflicted and the needy - the ones that are fatherless on this earth.  It was encouraging to hear their current status of gathering documents - once again - for this adoption.  Since they have lived in 10 states and 1 foreign country, their documentation requirements probably exceed what would be required to build a nuclear reactor in your backyard.  It would probably be easier to get a season pass to Fort Knox than to get approval for adopting three non-siblings from Russia when you already have nine.  Yet, they do it without complaint and with a glimmer of joy in their eyes as they think of being part of God's plan to rescue a few orphans from the destitute orphanages of the former communist State.

Certainly, one of the highlights was the dessert!  This was what was left of one of the two cakes that one of their girls made (thanks for the great cake S!).  I'm certain the remainder of it will be gone before lunch this morning!  Also included in the evening dinner was some home cooking that closely resembled Little Caesar's Pizza.  How many pizzas do you order when a family of 11 comes over?  Our calculations may need some fine tuning.  There was one piece left, but I think that was the piece that no one wants to be the one to take.  So next time, more pizza!  Especially after their next three (Nadia, Anastasia, and Nickolai) come to join their family.  The coffee was also refreshing, but not as good as sharing the word with each other and hearing their vision for abandoned children.  God I thank You for Your work in and through their family.


  1. AMEN. AMEN.

    Thanks for this window in to the fellowship that heals, comforting one another with the same comfort wherewith we have been comforted.

  2. So true what you say about fellowship - It really does make things better! Say Hi! to the Reynolds for us! Will they be coming to the conference in April? Can't wait to see you when you are here - if there is time!