Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is here - a beautiful day for pictures!

Fall is here and is was a beautiful day outside. The kids had fun playing football and raking leaves. I had fun sitting and watching them and taking some pictures.

Eddie Joe was literally running around in circles.

You have to love the smile on that kid.

Peaches always looks good wearing Red, White, and Blue.

Flowers that have barely survived the drought.

It was quite a sight to watch these two try and play catch.

A successful catch brings a smile.

Eddie Joe loves to slide.

Raking was fun until they remembered that it is a lot of work.

Can you believe this girl was an orphan?  Her face lights up with happiness, and with family.

Fall is definitely upon us.

Even Doofenschmirtz was enjoying the fun.

Peaches loves to swing.
The Big Fella sat by and took it all in.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I wonder what's next?

After being home from Ethiopia for nearly 7 months, my mind wonders what is next? Will we go back again soon?  If so, where specifically will we go?  Does God have more orphans in our future? 

God knows the answer to these questions.  We walk in faith knowing that what He has for us is for our good and that His leading is perfect.  We wait for Him to lead us.  And we know that He will.

In the meantime, we've found that there are many people in the Sioux City area that are from Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Many of these people have desperate needs due to poverty, lack of language, lack of cultural understanding, and even discrimination.  We've found these people to be extremely warm, giving, and kind people.  And we've found that even though we think about helping people in Ethiopia, there are many Ethiopian people right here that need help.  With them set in front of us it is clear that God has great opportunities for us, and those opportunities only require a brief drive. 

Our hearts realize that this involves inconvenience to our schedule - and our schedule is very important to us.  Our schedule is often more important than the needs of the people around us.  And in addition to schedule impacts, it's just not as cool to drive across town as it is to fly to Africa!  But the needs are here and the needs are plenty. 

We're thankful to God for opening the doors to those around us to remind us that we are very blessed, that happiness is not found in possessions, and that there is joy in serving others.