Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is here - a beautiful day for pictures!

Fall is here and is was a beautiful day outside. The kids had fun playing football and raking leaves. I had fun sitting and watching them and taking some pictures.

Eddie Joe was literally running around in circles.

You have to love the smile on that kid.

Peaches always looks good wearing Red, White, and Blue.

Flowers that have barely survived the drought.

It was quite a sight to watch these two try and play catch.

A successful catch brings a smile.

Eddie Joe loves to slide.

Raking was fun until they remembered that it is a lot of work.

Can you believe this girl was an orphan?  Her face lights up with happiness, and with family.

Fall is definitely upon us.

Even Doofenschmirtz was enjoying the fun.

Peaches loves to swing.
The Big Fella sat by and took it all in.

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  1. Thanks for posting the photos! We love your family so much! Every smile and antic is precious and important to us! The eight of you are a tremendous gift from God!
    Mrs. Beaver