Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I got home from work today and saw the many flags in our yard that will mark off where our new septic tank and leachfield will go.  The flags are for the locators to check for underground interferences.  It was a reminder of the amount of mess that awaits our backyard.

After getting in the house, I found out that our internet was not working very well on our computer.  Drat.  Reboot.  Hope it somehow starts working correctly.

Next, I was reminded that the low oil level and low coolant lights were both, yes both, on on the Suburban.  Oh yeah.  Off to Wal-Mart to buy oil and coolant.

As I'm thinking about these things that have happened since getting home, the phone rings and it's Heather's cousin in Kansas City.  He informs us that Heather's uncle died today.  Unexpected.  He was in his upper 80's, but still unexpected.  He was a wonderful man.  Always sweet, always kind.  He will be missed.

Right after getting of the phone with him, my cell phone rang.  It's Sherri.  She says that Scott (Mr. Basketball from my previous post) fainted while teaching a class at St. Lukes, fell and hit his head.  He was in the hospital.  She needed to drop her kids off so we could take them to Awana and she could run to the hospital.  He is staying overnight and they are meeting with a cardiologist in the morning.  This is the guy that I was playing basketball with two nights ago.  The guy that I've ran "give and go" with a thousand times against our kids in Upward basketball practice.  Now he's in the hospital.  He's doing OK.  Sounds like some type of irregular heartbeat.  We'll find out more info in the morning.

Suddenly the internet and oil and coolant levels weren't such a big deal.  Suddenly, the lives of people topped the list of what's important and what's not.  It is good to be reminded that whether we have problems with our internet, or problems with our car, or problems with a death in the family, or problems with our heart, God is in control and holds us in the palm of His hands.  He is always faithful.  He is always good.

We reflect on the ultimate priorities this week as we remember His work on the cross on Good Friday and the ultimate celebration, His resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Thank you God for putting all things in perspective and opening our eyes to the true priority of life.

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