Saturday, April 3, 2010


Anderson had a day-o-fun today. He has been planning a baseball game for today the entire week. Every day he has asked how many days until Saturday - because he knows I am off work and that we can do something fun.

The planning has included every detail: who would be on each team, batting order, who pitches, how many runs it takes to win, who is bringing the snacks, what the snacks are going to be, what are team names are, etc.  Each night he has wanted to discuss the details to make sure we weren't missing anything.  When sports are involved, his mind is in full gear....his mother can attest to the fact that it is not that way with schoolwork!

He ended up having his favorite Saturday breakfast (waffles - he went with three this morning) and his favorite lunch (tacos) and will have his favorite supper tonight (pizza). He's living large. No, it's not his birthday or any other special day, just a day he has planned and planned and planned and has been very excited about.  Don and George Stokely did a great job of going along with the whole deal.  They are great big brothers.

We headed off to Cardinal Park at about 1:00. We had bats, gloves, baseballs, snacks, drinks, baseball tee (for Big Mac), and camera. The teams were Don and George Stokely against Anderson, Big Mac, and me. We were supposed to play to 15 (Anderson's rule).  Anderson's team won - he was the official scorekeeper.  We had a great time and have included a few pics to show the funness that was had by all.



Big Mac - Ready to play

Here's the players

 Anderson - ready for the big swing

Big Mac - giving it a powerful swing

 Snack time after the big game
(choice of chocolate covered granola bar or fruit snack and a bottle of Propel)

Time for play at Cardinal Park - aka, "the red park" - Big Mac's favorite!

What a day!

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