Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Concerts....

Sunshine had District Music Contest yesterday which meant more concerts.  I think we've been to five concerts in the last week and a half!

She had two performances yesterday for the District Music Contest, which was held at South Sioux City.  One was with the Chamber Choir and one was with the Show Choir.  The Chamber Choir received a "1" rating.  The Show Choir results had not been posted when we left, but they certainly deserved a "1" for that performance too.

Grandma and Grandpa drove up from Fremont for the concert.  It was fun having them here for the afternoon.  They've been great to drive up for lots of activities since they've moved to Fremont.  After the concerts, we had some Little Caesar's pizza and then they headed back home.

The three older ones ended up spending the night with some friends.  That made it extra quiet around here last night and this morning with only two little ones left in the house.  Usually on Friday nights, the older three are just beginning to liven up and looking for Mt. Dew and movies about the time we're going to bed.  There was none of that last night.  Just a quiet house as we went to bed.

The concerts were extra fun for Sunshine yesterday because several of her friends were there.  Included in the gathering were the oldest four girls from Unto Him We Live fame, Natalie, and Alexa.  There was lots of hugging, giggling, etc.  They are great girls!

l. to r.:  Lissie, Alexa, Jaynie, Tessa, Natalie, Cassandra, and Sunshine

Natalie and Sunshine

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