Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Canada

Traveling this week to Vancouver for work. Spent 18 hours on Tuesday getting here from Sioux City. Flight delayed from Sioux City due to plane problems resulting in a missed connection. It all went downhill from there.

My co-worker and I flew in to Seattle last night and got to see Pike's Place where I took the pic above. He and I had great seafood and then drove up to Vancouver. Lots of trees. The weather is cool here, overcast, and rainy off and on. It sounds like that is pretty normal.

Heather takes the four boys to Adventureland tomorrow. Rye Bread and T-bird are going with the middle school band. Heather is taking The Big Fella and Eddie Joe along also to give them a Day-O-Fun. They should have a great time!

I head back home tomorrow. We're leaving the hotel at 4:30 am. Could be another long travel day.

T-bird's baseball team lost their game tonight 8-6. Sherri kept me up to date with texts since Heather was at The Big Fella's baseball game. The Big Fella's team won 18-12 (Rye Bread did his best to keep track of the many 7-8 year olds crossing the plate during the game).

T-bird's team also lost on Monday night. It was tied 2-2 going into the 6th inning and then the other team scored 10 (yes, 10) to end the game on the 10-run rule. The Big Fella's team won 14-1 (score is not kept, but one of the 7 year olds on his team is certain that was the final score - who can doubt a 7 year old?).

It's been a quick couple of days, but I am definitely ready to get back home. I miss my kids. I miss my wife.

Here are a couple of pics.

The first is a pic of the snow covered mountains taken while driving up I-5 from Seattle to Vancouver.  Very cool.

The second is a pic of the timber being dragged up the river just outside my hotel window here in Vancouver.

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  1. those are some pretty amazing mountains!
    Nice games! winning and losing...they're both alright!