Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

T-bird had a baseball game tonight and they lost 26-6.  We gave up about 30 walks, oh and also 3 hit batsmen.  That's no joke.  I know that because I was keeping the scorebook.  I almost needed another pencil from coloring in all of those runs for the other team.  Oh well, our team actually out hit the other team.  I think we had six hits and they only had two or three - hard to remember at this point.  T-bird had two hits and scored two runs.  He also had a put out at third base.  Other than that, he and the rest of his team just said, "hey batter, batter" a lot.

We also froze.  I think it was about 45 deg outside.  There should be a minimum temperature in the Little League rule book.  We have another game tomorrow night but I think it's going to rain.  The Cardinal Farms team is now 1-2-1.

Sunshine got home Monday night.  It's great to have her home again.  We missed her a lot.  They left Sea World-San Antonio Sunday night at 8 pm and then drove all night to get back to the school at around 4 pm.  They looked pretty rough as they got off the bus.  I can't imagine the smells that must have been inside the bus!

Here's a picture of Sunshine on the Riverwalk in San Antonio

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