Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Forever Day" from A Bushel and A Peck

We met Lisa at the Christian Alliance for Orphans conference in Minneapolis.  She was the one who I think was wondering if we were stalking her after we met her.  (See post Pics from the CAO Conference.)  She was extremely gracious and wonderful to talk with.  Warmth radiates from her.  Her blog is A Bushel and A Peck and is one of Heather's favorites.

They are a family of 11 kids - four of them are from Ethiopia.  They have been through many ups and downs, as their blog honestly portrays.  But the pictures on their blog always show faces with underlying joy, seemingly full of hope.

We stumbled across their "Forever Day" video and wanted to share it.  Lisa included some comments with the video that they posted on YouTube.  Here's her comments and the video:

February 24, 2007 was the day we met our three children in Ethiopia. Due to US Visa complications, we were unable to bring our daughter home at that time. We brought our two sons home first. Two months later when our daughter's Visa was approved, Russ returned to Ethiopia, to bring her home. In celebration we have created this slideshow. 

Postscript: Following the creation of this slideshow, we completed the adoption of another daughter, whom we met and fell in love with on the same day, February 24, 2007 at our daughter's orphanage. We returned to Ethiopia and brought her home on August 10, 2008.

Music: "And Now My Lifesong Sings" by Casting Crowns (, a band that daily rocks our kitchen and inspires us.

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