Thursday, June 3, 2010

Livin' on the Edge

     My car had a bit of a hard day yesterday. He was so happy because it was the last day he had to go without air conditioning!! I guess some things just are not meant to be.
    After going to see my dad at his work office for his birthday yesterday, I went over to a friend's house to hang out. It had been FIVE WHOLE DAYS since I had last seen her. (That is much too long for a social butterfly like me.)
    About ten minutes before I had to leave, my friend's mom informed us she was taking the rest of my friend's family-which was four younger siblings-to the park. Two minutes later, she reappeared to inform us she had hit my car. Thinking she had done something only minor, I told her it was no big deal and there was nothing to worry about. (I hate it when people make a big deal out of those kinds of things. Ex: "She hit my license plate!!!! We're all gonna die!!!! It's irreplaceable!!" or something to that extent.) But she continued on to say that it was pretty bad. My friend then said that she must have been joking! (That would make sense!) Still trying to convince us, her mom said that she would not come and say something to us unless she was REALLY serious. I was clinging to a hope that it wasn't horrific damage. But as you first car owners know, damage to your first car isn't always pretty. Anyway, to my disbelief this is what I saw:
    She kept apologizing over and over, while I assured her it was FINE over and over. The car she hit my car with was a minivan. Unfortunately, there was a hitch attached at the back which didn't exactly help matters. I then proceeded to call my dad. Of course, he was stuck in traffic on his way home from work due to the endless road work and unreasonably slow speed limit. But, he calmed me down and told me he would be there as soon as possible! After a wonderfully cheerful phone call, my friend and I struck out to survey the overall damage. I unlocked the car but I was afraid to open the door. I was scared one of those 'movie moments' would happen. You know when the character's car is severely damaged and when they open the door, it just falls right off! Well, that was NOT going to happen to me. So, I decided the door was just going to have to stay closed. After a few moments of reasoned thinking from my amazing friend, the door was opened. It actually didn't look too bad from the inside. (No, it didn't fall off.) In fact, from that point of view, it hardly looked hurt at all. My dad finally came and he and my friend's mom exchanged insurance information. Thank goodness for amazing dads!! Without them, I would've had to do it all on my own!! Can you say, Disaster?!
    So after a long day, I headed home to a baseball/ movie filled night. It felt very good to relax. And in case you might be wondering, my car is on the mend. He is on a leave of absence until he is inspected, taken to the repair shop, and returned to his distraught owner. By this time next week, he should have a new door and.....drum roll please.......... AIR CONDITIONING!!!!! But this is what he looks like right now:

    That was my excellent adventure for the summer. (maybe)


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  1. Dude! You should just keep the car that way!! It`s awesome!!!

    --Your sarcastic brother, Rye Bread