Monday, June 14, 2010

Reckless Faith - Following Jesus in Orphan Care

Another quote from the book, "Reckless Faith" by Beth Guckenberger:

When Jesus called the disciples, they dropped their nets - their entire lives - and followed Him.  When He calls us, we don't do much net dropping any more, and sometimes we feel that we can just keep doing what we've always been doing - only better with God at our side.  But Jesus said, "Deny yourself, pick up the cross and follow me."  To follow the voice of the Guide is to let go of our own agenda and throw ourselves toward His.  How much more reckless can you get than that?

So in all issues of life - from the simple to the complex (like adoption and orphan care) - God calls us to follow His path, to walk His road, to allow Him to lead.  He knows where the sweet pastures are.  It may not seem like the road is always smooth or even leading to the right place, but that is why it is called faith.  To trust Him and to know that He is always right, always wise in His leading.  That's the place of joy and contentment.

The road may not always seem safe or event the one we want to be on.  But if He is leading, then it is the safe road, it is the one that we want to be on.  It is the road leading us to the place where there is fullness of joy.

For those of you in the world of an adoption timeline, be encouraged.  Don't focus on the speed of the timeline or the obstacles seemingly in your way.  God has many promises for the orphan and many promises for the one involved in orphan care.  He is leading, you have the joy of following.  All of the details are part of His plan for His purposes to show His glory.

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  1. That was such a blessing to read. It is so hard to let go and trust completely and totally in God, but when we know that He won't leave us on the journey, then we can rest in His leading. Thank you!