Monday, July 12, 2010

HOPE T-Shirt, a Gotcha Video, and Roller Skates....

Heather got the T-shirt she won from the Uchereks raffle today.  We decided it looks great on Sunshine, so she is the proud owner of the new HOPE T-Shirt.  Thanks to the Uchereks for the T-Shirt raffle!  If you want one too, you can purchase one as part of the Jewett's fundraiser at their blog by clicking here.

I have posted several times about the Youngs who recently returned from Ethiopia with their new son Isaac.  Somehow, she had time to put together their Gotcha video already!  Sit back and enjoy and let your heart be moved.

Lastly, we were at the Henn House the other day and saw several of their kids with their in-line skates on.  We forgot that we had three sets sitting in the garage doing nothing!  So we got them down and Eddie Joe has been loving learning how to skate.  It is definitely his kind of thing.  The Big Fella....not so much.  Here's a pic of Eddie Joe livin' large on skates....(It should be noted that when the older three learned to skate, they wore helmets and various other protective padding.  For the 5th child - well he'll figure it out.)

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  1. That was a beautiful gotcha video! Thanks for sharing it.