Saturday, July 10, 2010

Traveling Kids?

We've been praying and talking a lot about taking the three older kids with us when we eventually travel to Ethiopia.  Many thoughts roll through our heads as we consider it.  To think of them being able to see, smell, touch, hear, and even taste Ethiopia first-hand is very exciting.  For them to be able to really know where their little sister comes from will create an even greater bond with her.  I'm also excited to think of how God will use this in their lives - to broaden their perspective of what's really important in life.  To see a 3rd world country first-hand and be somewhat submerged in their culture for a week or so.  To be reminded of how much we have.  To know that what's really important in life are the things that money can't buy - God, family, love, etc.  Living for God and living to meet the needs of people are really what's ultimately important.  I pray that God uses this in their lives for this purpose.

The additional cost has been ringing in our minds as we consider this.  But we are seeing this as an investment in their lives - an investment as important as education.  This investment will make an imprint on their lives that will last for many, many years.  We also know that Sunshine will miss a week of school.  As a junior, there is much to be missed in a single week.  But we plan to work with the school administrators and work something out.  We know that ten years from now she will remember much more from her trip to Ethiopia than from one week of missed school.

Since we're required to take two trips, we plan to take the twins on one of the trips and Sunshine on the other trip.  I'm excited to think of spending that dedicated time with them traveling - seeing, touching and tasting Ethiopia together.  WOW - I'm ready to go now!  Grandma and Grandpa Nordstrom will stay with the rest of the kids while we're away.  There is still much time before we will travel since we have not even received a referral yet.  But, it is rolling in our minds and we are beginning to think through a lot of the details.  It is all very exciting.

So yesterday we took the Rye-Bread and T-bird to apply for their passports knowing that is an essential piece of the puzzle.  We will take Sunshine on Monday.  She only requires one parent to be there since she is 16 (she qualifies for an adult passport).  Rye-Bread and T-bird qualify for a children's passport since they are 13.  They needed both parents at the courthouse.

We will continue to pray and plan to take them.  If for some reason it doesn't work out, we will be content with that.  For now, though, we are moving forward as if they are coming with us.

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  1. very cool. I will pray it works out for them to go.

    Praying for your family in this journey. God bless.