Monday, August 9, 2010

Rain, Mud, and Really Big Holes

      Last week, a Bobcat arrived in our backyard. It dug an eight foot hole where a third of our yard had been before.

    That is the basement part of the addition. Still a long ways to go. But God is in control. Now we have a giant hole in our backyard, and a couple days ago, our greatest fear was rain. There just happened to be a huge storm last night. Wind, lightning, thunder, and pouring buckets of rain. An awesome display of God`s power.

    However, the hole just seemed to be a magnet for water. The water was streaming in from all directions. Dad was trying to build some sort of a dam to protect the hole. It was quite dramatic. The hole was filled with water. One and a half inches of rain in one hour. That`s a lot of rain. So, we called over Mr. Davidson and Mr. O`Halloran. We were so thankful for their help. And, by the way, sorry for the lack of pictures.

       So, T-bird and I went out with the dads and helped as best we could. Mr. O brought his Shop Vac (it had something to do with getting the water out). After building many "steel walls" made of dirt and dumping water out with beach buckets, the basement was saved from flooding, and everyone lived happily ever after (once we all took showers.).

    --Rye Bread


  1. Yikes! We were praying for you guys! by the way, nice post:)

  2. I bet that was scary! I'm glad you got it all cleaned out. cool pics!

    ~Matty ;-)

  3. oh goodness
    rhino told me to say something so i am

  4. Thanks for commenting Laurs!!! It`s so cool that you`re a follower now, Luko!