Thursday, September 30, 2010

Addition Update

Time for another update on the addition.  As I have written before, at times it seems that it is going quickly and yet at other times it seems as though we have been, and will be, in construction mode forever.

It's a very strange feeling having strangers build something attached to my house that I am going to live in and own.  And yet, how do I know that they're not using styrofoam or marshmallows to build this thing?  How do I know that it's not going to just fall over the first time the wind blows on it?  How do I know that I'm not going to sit down for the first time in the finished room and say, "what was I thinking???"  I guess I don't, but it's all still very weird.

Well enough rambling.  Here's some pics of where we are with the addition:

The new HVAC unit was put in this week.  It is supposed to be sized large enough for the existing house and the addition.  The old unit was original with the house (1984 - good long life on it Dennis!) and so we planned to upgrade it. 

Here's Eddie Joe in the new shower in the new basement part of the addition.  Most of the plumbing is done.
Eddie Joe loves being in pictures.  How can you not love Eddie Joe!
All of the sheetrock upstairs was completed today.

Gutters and downspout also went up this week. 

At lastly, this is the basement wall that will likely have a big hole in it tomorrow where it will connect to the new basement.  Although we have been promised this will happen each day this week.  An important lesson - Contractor timelines have nothing to do with the normal reality of time that us normal people live their lives by.  Contractor timelines are based on the movement (or lack of movement) of stars in an alternate universe.  

So, it does seem like a lot has been completed this week.  It's good to see progress.  I've had to "watch" most of it from a distance as I was in Tulsa, OK during the first part of the week.  Bo did a great job keeping track of everything and keeping things going while I was she always does when I'm here too.  What a woman!

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  1. Does that mean there will be a bathroom
    now when we visit we dont have to go upstairs to do our toothbrush train!