Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Updates and Family Updates

So, what's been going on in our lives???

I'll start with some updated pics of the addition.  We're definitely seeing some progress here each day.  It's been fun to see the changes and try to imagine what it will be like when it is complete.  We feel like we're constantly dealing with questions like lighting, light switches, windows, siding, closet size, etc, etc, etc.  We hope we've made good decisions.  We'll find out for sure when it's all done and we have to live with our decisions!

So here are the pics of our HOUSE addition.  We look forward to the day when we have pics of our FAMILY addition - aka, Peaches!
We went with canned lights.  Hope we like them.

Here's the old outside wall of our house.  The siding has been removed.  The window on the right will become French Doors.

The windows are in now too.  They are double-hung, Gerkins.  The Gerkin factory is just right up the street from us and we know several people who work there.

We also added a window to the original scope.  We contemplated the number of windows on paper and initially decided we wouldn't need one on the west wall because we new we would have the slider.  But, after it was all enclosed, we decided that we definitely needed another window!

Here are some pics of the basement.  All of the framing is done down there now too.  Our favorite framers the "Full Moon" Brothers did the framing.  There will be two bedrooms and a full bathroom.  Eddie Joe was having a good time!

The upstairs walls were all insulated today in preparation for the sheetrock.  The Big Fella and Eddie Joe had fun doing more jumping pics.

More highlights from the last week included the South Sioux City Football Game last Friday night.  Sunshine is in the Color Guard (for us people from the olden days, well we called it the Flag Team).  It was her first year to do anything like that and she is having a lot of fun with it.  We are very proud of her efforts (up every morning at 5:30 am for practice).  When I asked her if she ever hit the guy in front of her (see pic below) with the flag, she said, "yea, all the time."  But she said that her coach said it's OK to hit band kids because they are supposed to get out of the Color Guard's way.  And Sunshine also said that it's not a big deal, "because he's just a freshman."   She did a great job during the halftime show.  Here are a few of the pics of Sunshine on the Color Guard.

And a picture below of her friend Eva who is one of the Drum Majors

At Awana last week, we had our party for the first Awana night of the year.  As part of the Awana fun night, there was a facepainting booth.  T-bird had some fun at the booth, and then had some fun once he got home with some pics.....

Rye Bread NEVER misses a chance in front of the camera!!!

Needless to say, we are very busy.  This update didn't even include the flag football teams that all four boys are playing in, the worship group that Heather and I led on Sunday - along with Rye Bread and T-bird on guitars, and the Husker football game that Heather and the three older kids are going to on Saturday.  We can't wait to welcome Peaches into the wonderful whirlwind of our lives!!!


  1. man, your kids can jump! fun to see your progress.

  2. Um i think somebody did something to your face George you look young again!!!!!
    I am so excited to see the new house and to get a new "cousin"!!!