Monday, September 6, 2010

LifeLight 2010

We attended the LifeLight Music Festival yesterday in Sioux Falls, SD.  The festival runs Friday through Sunday each labor day weekend.  Each day, approximately 100,000 people attend.  It's humongous!  It's held in the middle of a hay field out in the country.  The large field becomes filled with cars, lawn chairs, people, great music, and amazing worship.  We always enjoy the event each year and enjoy going with several other families.

We left for Sioux Falls at around 1:00 pm.  The concerts lasted until about 11:00 pm.  We hit the road to come home at about 11:45 pm and got home around 1:00 am!  Very late for an old man like me.

The bands we got to see yesterday?  Parachute Band, Downhere, Family Force 5, BarlowGirl, NeedtoBreathe, and Mercy Me.  All in one day, all for free!!! The music is all really, really loud - but also really, really fun.  It's great to hear the message that each band has to share and to hear music centered around worship all day.

The older kids enjoy going down to the "mosh pit" where they can scream their heads off and jump up and down for hours on end with thousands of other youthful types.   Heather and I usually take turns hanging back with Eddie Joe (does NOT enjoy the loudness of the music up close!).

The Big Fella loves to boogie as soon as he hears a good beat.  While hearing Family Force 5 (a crazy, crazy band) he could not keep from layin' it down.  Check out the vid below!  The Big Fella is sporting his Ethiopia Adoption shirt from the Stutzmans.

Some other pics of some of the other happenings.

Heather with her very good friend Roxanne.  They've known each other since the 8th grade.  If you ever want some seriously embarrassing stories about Heather, Roxanne is your source!

The Big Fella enjoying a burger

NeedtoBreathe up on the stage and the Jumbotrons as the sun was beginning to set.  I think we were about a quarter mile from the stage!!!

Eddie Joe ALWAYS has fun with Naomi.  Naomi's friend Lauren was also with us.

Here's a link to photos directly from the LifeLight website:  PHOTOS

MORE pics.  These are from Sunshine's camera.  She had a much better view of the festivities.
 Sunshine and the Big Fella

Old people taking it all in - Heather, Sherri, Russ, and Scott (the men are talking Husker / Gopher Football)

Lead singer from Downhere (I think he looks like Donnie Osmond)

One of the Barlow Girls (3 sisters with the last name Barlow - they really rock it out!)

Sunshine and L Jo

Pics of the Mercy Me part of the concert - They were very good!

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  1. I love those bands. they total rock it 24/7. I listen to their music all the time!