Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Couple of Videos....

The Dunlap family have an amazing story.  They were on the waitlist for a total of 4 hours!  They received their referral phone call a brief 4 hours after they had been informed they were officially on the waitlist last June.  Very exciting. They adopted Yohannes, a really cute toddler boy.

You have to watch....especially the part where they return on their second trip and Yohannes sees them from the gate of Hannah's Hope.  The excitement on his face as he runs to them is indescribable.  It is truly the miracle of a child realizing that his mom and dad have returned for him. Check out the Dunlap's blog by clicking here.

Also included here is a video from the Smith family. They also recently adopted through our Agency AGCI. They adopted two siblings. What joy on their faces! Check out the Smith's blog by clicking here.

Blessings of a Burdened Heart from smith on Vimeo.

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