Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coons, then a Possum, then a bunch of Beavers!

First we were surprised by finding some Coons in our tree.  Then we discovered a Possum in our cage.  To top all of that, we were delighted to have a bunch of Beavers in our house.  I won't take the time to blog about it since they had such a great post.  They were very kind to include in their post a plea for prayer for our Peaches.  What a great night of fun with them.

Read their post by clicking here.

Pray for Mama and Daddy Beaver as they are in Russia right now at their court appearance for the adoption of their soon-to-be newest three children.  We are praying for good news from the court hearing.

You can follow their progress and provide an encouraging comment on their blog by clicking here.

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