Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airport Homecoming!

We welcomed home the Beavers on Monday night at the airport.  There were over 50 people from our church who all showed up to take in the incredible arrival of this beautiful family returning from Russia.  They were returning home with their 3 newest Russian adopted children.  They now have 12 children - 9 of which have been adopted from Russia over the past 10 years or so.

There was a lot of excitement as we awaited their arrival.  Many people have been following their story over the last several months and especially over the last several weeks.  Mrs. Beaver had taken three of the kids to Chicago for the National Bible Bee, while Mr. Beaver left for Russia to begin the final adoption week with the 3 new kids.  The remaining children were still at home, madly preparing for a major international adventure.  Mrs. Beaver returned home with the 3 Bible Bee kids and then within 24 hours took the nine kids on a plane over to Russia to join Mr. Beaver and their 3 newest additions.  They had a heart-stirring meeting as the 12 children were united for the first time in the historic city of Moscow.  What a beautiful picture - the mixture of the different cultures and genetics of 11 individual children now combined to form a single, inseparable family.  All being brought together by God in the middle of a city that permeates a coldness and in some cases remains merely as an empty shell that was left when communism died.

So, from the emptiness of a Russian orphanage springs forth three children whom God has rescued and brought into a forever family. 

Here are some pics taken from the airport arrival.  There was a lot of joy as we welcomed them, but we know there will be a lot of pain and healing that will take place over the next several years.  But, we know that He binds up the broken-hearted, He proclaims freedom to the captives (Is. 61:1).

We took over most of the airport!

Arriving into the terminal!
Daria, Tessa, Lissie, and Cassandra in the background with Alexander and Joe in the foreground 
Daria in the left of the picture
Daria and Tessa (always giggling) shown here with Bugg (from Hennhouse Happenings) and Sunshine
Oksana (who is beautifully attached to "Papa"), Mr. Beaver, and the amazing Eddie Joe
Alexander and Joe

Welcome home Beaver family.  We are praying for you and celebrating with you!

(Please hop on over to their blog at www.untohimwelive.blogspot.com and give them some love!)

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