Friday, November 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping for a Family of 14!

We were able to talk with the Beavers today and while on the phone we asked how we could help them.  They just returned from Russia with their newest three adopted children.  They have been getting their feet back on the ground, having lots of family time, and lots of laughter and joy.

The grocery store hasn't been high on their list.  So, when we asked what we could do to help, Mrs. Beaver said they could use a few things from the store.  Just a few dairy and produce items to get them through a few days.  So what does "a few items" consist of for a family of 14?  Here's their list (my comments in parentheses):

Milk- 1% - seven gallons –any brand  (Seven gallons????  For a few days???)
Yoplait (red label) any flavor- 10 cartons

Yellow cake mix - 2
6 oz cans of tomato juice, any brand, 2 six packs  (Two cans?  No, two six packs of cans!)
Napkins 500 per package – any brand  (500 should get them through a few meals!)

Frozen (any brand)
Peas and carrots
Green beans 4 packages
Broccoli cutlets 4 packages

Red Peppers (3)
Romaine heads  (clearly, based on previous posts, these must be for Oksana!)
Bananas -15
Apples – Gala or Braeburn - 20
Naval orange bag  (15 bananas, 20 apples, and a bag of oranges?  Definitely a fruity family!)
Baby carrots

It was very fun for Heather and Sunshine to be able to go get "a few items" for the Beavers at the store.  Just glad they brought the Suburban!

We're so glad they're home and they're doing well.  It's great to finally see them all under one roof, being together, eating a lot.

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  1. Thank you soooooo much! You can't know how much this helped! You are living the gospel to our family! Your witness to our new children is so important!

    We love you guys!

    The Beavers