Wednesday, November 10, 2010

House Addition Update....and a Note to Peaches

It's been a while since I've had an update on the house addition.  Part of the reason for that is because we have been very busy.  The other part is that we have been very busy.

So here are some pics.

Here's the old living room window that will become french doors

And Voila!  The window is gone and now there is an opening into the new room!  Dingleberry always wants to know what's going on

And here's where the sliding door used to be

The wood floor where the dining room table will be.  It's still unstained here.

 And here it has been stained and polyurethaned

I had some master painters helping me in one of the new basement bedrooms!!!
The Big Fella!!!

Eddie Joe!!!

Here's a picture from the Awana Fall Party (not to be mistaken with a Halloween Party!)  We found a Samson Costume.  So, Eddie Joe was Samson the Muscle Man!!  He is so cool!

Lastly, here's The Big Fella and Eddie Joe dressed up for Halloween.  The Big Fella was a Transformer and Eddie Joe was Batman.

Check out the video of The Big Fella and Eddie Joe playing their own soccer balloon game in the new room.  You gotta watch to the end when Eddie Joe decides the rules aren't fair!

Over the next two days, the carpet and vinyl flooring will all get installed.  All of the exterior siding is up now.  Most of the electrical work is done.  Most of the painting is done.  However, there are still many, many little things that need to get done.  And, we have the twins' b-day on Saturday (they'll be 14).  Big sleepover planned.  And Sunshine's b-day is on 11/27 (she'll be 17).  Wow.  God has been good to us.

To Peaches - Our "room for more" is almost complete.  We think of you every day.  We try to imagine you walking through these new rooms.  Try to imagine you talking and running and laughing.  Try to imagine you playing with your siblings.  Try to imagine us holding you and comforting you.  Try to imagine you at home, with us, your family, patiently waiting.  Come soon.  We love you.


  1. I was just thinking about your family today and wondered how your house project was coming along. Thanks for the update - looking good!!

  2. looks great! i know you'll be glad to have it all done!

  3. Love your NEW HOUSE!!
    Just kidding its not new just in case you were wondering! If it were a NEW house i wouldnt know where you live! Sorry Im a little tired!