Tuesday, December 7, 2010

High and Lofty Dreams

The lofts are complete.  Rye Bread and T-bird's beds are done!  They are moving into their new room right now.  The loft beds were a fun addition and I'm hopeful that they won't fall to the ground tonight as they are sleeping!  I'm pretty sure I tightened everything......

Another exciting moment today.  We got to go see Nancy our Notary.  We had all of our referral paperwork that is now complete and needed to be notarized.  It's funny how well you get to know your local notary when you are going through an adoption.  Heather even brought her a little Christmas present today - since she has notarized about a gagillion documents for us and has taken an interest in our little Peaches.  It was fun to show her a pic of our African queen.  Heather heads off to FedEx tomorrow with our completed referral paperwork and it should land at AGCI on Thursday.  Very exciting!

Peaches - We pray that you are adjusting to your new home at Hannah's Hope.  We pray that you are comforted daily by the Great Comforter.  We can't wait to see you running through our house.  Jumping up and down on the new loft beds and doing other things you shouldn't be doing.  You have captured our hearts.  We're coming soon.


  1. HOLY SMOKES!!! Those beds ROCK! ;) WOWIE! GREAT JOB!! I looooove them! We are getting ready to build a room in the garage for our oldest daughter (16) - I might have to throw this idea out there! :) Soooooooooo COOL! :)

  2. wait a minute...
    now that they're are 2...
    WE HAVE TO SLEEP ON THE GROUND!?!?!?!?!??!!!
    i would rather sleep on the ground than have TYLER THROWING DUCKS AT ME!!!!
    Oh tyler!
    i love your new beds cuz'

  3. Sweet beds guys!
    I'll bet that's fun to sleep in those.
    It leaves a lot of space for storing things.