Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kom Hom Med E

Eddie Joe wrote a message to Peaches on his little writing tablet last night.  He had been in his room for a little bit getting ready for bed and then strolled out with a serious look on his face carrying his writing tablet.  On his tablet he had written,"KOM HOM MeD E."  Now for those of you who don't know, one of Peaches' nicknames is Meddie.  So, in Eddie Joe's own way, he had written "Come Home Meddie."  We were moved!  He also drew in some balloons and some other decorations.  He can't wait to meet her.

We also received a package from our Agency AGCI yesterday.  It included a stuffed animal for Peaches and a "birth announcement" card welcoming her into our lives.  It was fun to open it and think of her entering our lives very soon.  What an amazing Agency they are.  If you have any interest in adoption, please consider using them!

I also had to include a pic of the gingerbread house that L. Jo. made for us when she babysat the other night.  It is very, very rare that we have a babysitting these days since we have three teenagers in the house.  Last Sunday night, Heather, Sunshine, and I went to the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert here in town......yes, he came to Sioux City!  Rye Bread and T-Bird went to the Sanctus Real concert in town on the same night - can you believe it????  Both MWS and Sanctus Real in Sioux City on the same night???  Some kind of wierd scheduling Karma or something??  So anyway, we had the amazing L. Jo. babysit for The Big Fella and Eddie Joe.  When she showed up, she came prepared for a fun night.  She had stopped at Target and bought a gingerbread house building kit.  Our kids have never done that before, because Christmas around here is usually way too crazy to take the time to build a gingerbread house.  Their eyes were wide open with amazement and anticipation as they  looked at the box!

Here are some pics of gingerbread house.  Thanks L. Jo. for taking the time to be so creative with the kids.  I know they had a great time!


  1. EWIK!!!!!!
    You must be excited not to be the youngest of your family and the youngest cousin!!
    I am so glad i am related to you guys!!!
    Even if i have to be related to Tyler

  2. What a sweet package from AGCI! They truly are the BEST agency. That is stuff you would never even THINK to receive from them.