Thursday, December 9, 2010

Watch this video....

I just posted the "Swagger Wagon" video earlier tonight....but Heather showed me the latest AGCI video.  You must, must watch it - it's done with the Matthew West "One Less" song (then you can scroll down and watch the "Swagger Wagon" video - after getting the Kleenex that you needed for the first video).

So....get the order right....1. Get Kleenex  2.  Watch AGCI Video   3. Get more Kleenex since you didn't get enough the first time  4. Watch "Swagger Wagon" video  5. Laugh out loud.

Faces of Adoption from Videos for AGCI on Vimeo.

News regarding our Referral Paperwork!!!

We got a call today from Kiersten at AGCI and she said that she received all of our referral paperwork and that everything looked great!  Somehow we managed to not mess up a dozen or so notary signatures!

Next step is our "Next Steps" phone call with AGCI on Tuesday!  Another step closer to our little "M".

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  1. Love the AGCI video and love the Swagger Wagon one too...makes me laugh out loud every time!!! :)