Friday, January 28, 2011

Crocs for little brown feet!

We went to Target today doing some miscellaneous shopping.  We have had our eyes out for some Crocs (or Crocs knock-offs) for our trip to Ethiopia next month.  The kids at Hannah's Hope are almost always seen wearing these shoes in the pics we have.

We were sure that the Crocs brand would be way too expensive, and we have had a hard time finding any (since we live near the North Pole and it is in the middle of winter here).

To our surprise, Target had a rack of Crocs that had the Crocs brand-name, but were a much lower price model.  Perfect for us!  We picked out 11 pairs of the shoes for the kiddos at Hannah's Hope and can't wait to take them. 

We love the bright colors of the shoes and think they will look amazing on little brown feet!!!


  1. How awesome! I can just PICTURE the excited faces =)

  2. We take so much for granted. We know from experience that the children will be delighted with your gift!

    The Beavers

  3. So sweet!! I know they will love them!!