Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Big Fella!!!

It's the Big Fella's 8th Birthday.  We celebrated by having a couple of his friends join us at Chuckie Cheese (aka, "land of contagious bacteria").  After a little bit of pizza and a lot of games, we headed back to our house for presents, a big cookie cake, and some ice cream.  The kids all had a loud good day.

The Big Fella is a special kid!  He loves sports, he loves Star Wars, and he loves video games.  He loves having me fix him waffles in the morning and he loves playing games with his mom.  We are so thankful for him.  He brings a lot of laughter into our house with his own way of looking at life.  He is one cool dude!

Some pics from the last few years.....and you gotta click on the video at the end!

Ready for Trick or Treat!

Christmas of '04

He always has a great laugh!

A bat and a ball are always nearby
Special seating for this lunch

Fun in the snow - a lot of snow!

The Alamo was safe that day

At the beach near Corpus Christi - The Big Fella loves to pose

These two guys are always together - not always getting along - but always together
Day 1 at Disney.  The Big Fella has his shades on and he's ready to go!

Storm Trooper!

The morning after he got his Dallas Cowboys uniform for Christmas, he ate breakfast with it on
He loves to go sledding

Family fun at Uncle Jeff's cabin

What a great smile

I'm sure it was a home run!

Wearing a shirt from another adoption family - showing that our lives have all been changed by Ethiopia

This video was taken at Lifelight (the largest Christian outdoor concert in the world that happens each Labor Day at Sioux Falls, SD).  The Big Fella can bust a move!



  1. happy birthday, big fella. that video is so great! your boy can MOVE.

  2. Happy 8th B-day Big Fella!!! You're getting so big! Glad you had a totally AWESOME day! =D

  3. Happy birthday, Big Fella! Our family sure loves you! We know you're going to make a wonderful big brother to Peaches!

    The Beavers

  4. NATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!
    You are such an amazing little cousin and you have the best smile in the world!!!!
    I love ya nate!!!
    Happy birthday!!!

    PS you are also an AMAZING dancer bud!

  5. Aw! Happy Birthday!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  6. Catching up on blogs...what a great feeling to have your tickets purchased with the knowledge that in about a month you'll be holding your sweet daughter!!