Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Candles

Three Candles

Three candles, standing ready
Each a story, it will tell
One of them burns bright and clear
The other two for now are still
What’s the purpose for these candles?
Surely they are for our needs
Yet their light comes from the one
Whose living flame we kneel beneath

One flame lit, it burns so bright
Its light so young and full of life
A warmth to all those who are near
Who stand within its yellowed sphere
Such future must there be for this
A light that burns so strong
Will it cast its flame beyond
To lands its light has never known?

Then like a crack, a blast of wind
Blows from a mighty source
A sovereign gale, which can’t be stayed
It howls its purpose forth
The light goes out and darkness comes
The flame falls to the grave
And takes with it a part of those
Whose eyes received its ray

Why this candle, not another?
Questions search to find the answer
Grief and guilt come take a hold
Entwine themselves within the soul
This candle now, dark and void
Oh, how it burned so bright
Its purpose though, is not yet ended
Goodbye, young light
Goodbye, for now
Goodbye, Ayotallah

What’s that, over there, across the sea?
The same wind now still blows
This time it breathes its breath of life
Into a family’s soul
Turned warm and gentle, now this wind
Will carry on its flame
And bring one without home or love
And give her a new name

This second candle now dimly lit
Though no one near to see its light
It cries alone to find a home
And fights to stay alive
The gentle wind, though is the source
To heal and rescue this poor soul
This wind will bring her home to be
Brought in to love, with family

How do we understand this wind?
Which snatches life so young?
And at the very moment too
Gives life to another one?
Across the earth, throughout the land
This wind blows perfectly
Willing only to reveal
His flame for us to see

To point to hope, to heal the soul
The third candle is lit
Its light leads upward to the skies
To where our anchor rests
His healing balm will reach within
And rescue heart from pain
And bring the final healing when
No tear will be again

For context, you will need to read the last three paragraphs of this post.

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