Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life Back At Home

Note: This post was originally supposed to be published Yesterday, but due to technical difficulties it has been posted tonight. :)

I have been given permission by my loving and generous father to post about life with my parents gone. (a.k.a. a post that might end up being about me and my sorrows ;)

My family has been so important to me for my whole 17 years of life. Always supportive of everything I do, including all the wacky weird stuff I make them deal with everyday. Now my beloved parents and my twin brothers (who happen to be two of my Very best friends!) are on their way to meet my precious soon-to-be little sister. It was so hard to say good-bye to them this morning. There were many tears knowing that the people I have known the longest in my short life were leaving.

I know that they won't be away from me THAT long, but it's still difficult to watch four of the most supportive and loving people of your life leave you behind to travel an ocean away to a different continent.

I am so thankful for my church family who has been so supportive of my family and our whole adoption process. They have made it very clear that they will do anything to make my family's departure not so lonely. Also, my very best friend, who I've known for only two years, has also lovingly volunteered to be by my side this whole time.

Thankfully, my whole family AND my grandparents (who are thoughtfully caring for the little boys and me) were able to come to my choir/show choir/band concert last night. It meant the world to me that they were all there the night before they left on a jet plane. I have taken the liberty of posting a video of a show choir (or for the "older" audience, swing choir ;) song we performed. I happen to have a solo in it. I was so thrilled to be chosen to sing this solo and my parents were there to cheer me just like always. Enjoy the video and please keep my family and me in your prayers.



  1. Wow....that was great!!!! Soooo proud of you!!!! I am praying for you and your precious family. We love you so much and are excited for all that God will be doing in all of this. Love you. Mrs. Bell

  2. Hey Sunshine!! your solo was amazing!! I am praying for you sweet sister, I know exactly how you feel.
    Love you,