Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our God Is Greater Than the Need

       Now we are back home. Now we get to process. One thing that comes to my mind is, "Why did God place me in America?" "Why am I in one of the most pampered countries in the world?" "Why wasn`t I born in Ethiopia as a street child with no mom or dad?" Instead, I am raised in a loving, Christian home with wonderful parents, with my own bed, my own clothes. ALL THIS STUFF! And yet we still grumble and complain and question God.

       It`s unbelievable. We are just so comfy in America and we still whine!! While we were there, we saw poverty. We saw third world things that you just don`t forget. And it makes you want to DO SOMETHING!! Oh and we saw the orphans. The orphans. The need is so great. 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. If that doesn`t make you want to adopt then seeing these kids will. But even if you aren`t called to adopt, God will call others. Yes, even though the need is so great and we think, "Who can overcome these staggering statistics?" I will tell you. Our God. Our God will stand out for these orphans and widows. And I will stand out and refuse to be silent. Because that is what we are called to do. Thank you for putting up with my rambling but it feels good to let it out.

  --Rye Bread


  1. Rye Bread, That was no mere rambling. Well stated, the challenge is laid down and we pray, O' God that we live for you and you alone. Remember the Orphans, Father of the Fatherless. Move us and fill us with passion worthy of your name.

  2. Rye Bread,

    I am so glad you went to Ethiopia! I know there was suffering for you in the trip, but you went as a boy, and you have come back a man, ready to obey God when He commands us to speak on behalf of orphans and widows.

    Mr. Beaver and I have a dream that your generation will rise up and adopt and adopt and adopt. I hope that in your generation it will be the norm for Christians to rescue orphans, rather than the exception. We've longed for that for our generation, but there are still so few of us. Ohhhhh, the blessings that would flow both directions in just such a movement! Thank you for voicing what is taking place in your heart; you're going to make a difference!

    I feel privileged to have known you and your twin since you were just a bit older than "Peaches." I love watching the two of you quitely growing into strong men of God.

    With much love,
    Mrs. Beaver

  3. That's so true that we are pampered here in America! Though I am grateful for all these wonderful things, I feel awful that I am simply relaxing and at ease while people in other countries are suffering. I really feel like I just want to reach out and hug everyone of them. And I hope to do that some day. :)
    great post Rye Bread! (and no...that wasn't rambling ;) )

  4. Wow. That is soooo true. You can ramble all you want. :) Our God will rescue the orphan and the widow, we have seen Him move so much already. Great post.