Monday, March 14, 2011

The "room for more" is nested

I've been learning once again that there is nothing quite as productive and focused as a mother preparing a nest for her little one.  There is a clear vision and abundant energy that ensures the perfect place is ready - perfect in the sense of creating that place that will allow her little one to rest silently and that place that allows her own heart to rest silently.  It is in the preparation and completion of the nest that she finally rests and says, "I'm ready."

As the nesting energy became reality, Heather was suddenly in Target, then Old Navy, then Target, and then Target again.  All things pink were finding their way into our cart.  So many choices of bedding, pictures, bath towels, flip flops, dresses, pillows, and oh, the hair products and skin lotions too. Okay, so I may have put a few things in the cart, too.....okay, maybe more than just a few.....okay, so I have probably filled an entire cart all by myself.

This is a date that we've been waiting for for 15 months.  We began this journey knowing we had "room for more."  That room is now nested, and will very soon be the home of a little girl.  It is with great excitement that our entire family is ready to reach this milestone of our adoption, the milestone of bringing our Peaches home.  It is the milestone that on the one hand ends the adoption, and on the other hand is only the beginning.  We are so, so ready!!!! 

Oh God, why have you so richly blessed us beyond what we could have even imagined?  You are so good to us, goodness that we are so grateful for.

Photos above her bed include a picture of her beautiful smile, a picture with momma and dadda, and a picture with her two Hannah's Hope peeps L. Jewett and T. Huneycutt.

This is the bear we received from our Agency AGCI after we received our referral for Peaches.  That bear is ready for some lovin' from a little girl!

The room is ready for a lot of singing and a lot of laughter.

And our whole house is ready for a lot of LOVE!

The clothes are ready.

The dresses are ready.
Our whole house is ready for our Peaches.

Peaches - Your bed is ready.  Your clothes are ready.  Your room is ready.  Our hearts are ready. 
Come home soon.


  1. Oh we hope to hear that you get that call soon! It's definitely time! LOVE the room...praying for your embassy date often!

  2. Love it! How sweet to put a picture of her HH peeps!! It won't be long now.

  3. How exciting! The room and clothes are all so cute! I saw the ad for Ethiopian coffee and thought of Steve...remember Steve Moore (pediatrician)? He was in Ethiopia last year on a mission trip! Keep us posted! Love you!

  4. Room for more means 1 less orphan! Praise God! And thank you for obeying His difficult call. He has not called you to easy work, but He has called you. And He will bless you beyond your wildest dreams in your obedience to His call. It may not always "feel" like He's blessing you, but I know from experience in looking backwards at some of the difficult times that He always means things for our good.

    We are over-joyed right along with you. Can't wait to meet your Peaches!

    The Beavers

  5. So excited for you Nordstroms!!!! Everything looks wonderful!!

  6. that line just gave me chills!

  7. the room is sooooo cute!! I'm sure she will be so overwhelmed with the pink and everything there. :) she is so, so blessed.

  8. The Nordstrom family is so very amazing and Peaches will have the best siblings and wonderful parents. God is so wonderful for putting ya'lls in my life!!

  9. Love it all!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! She is so blessed to have you as her parents and siblings. Can only imagine how full of life that room will have in only a short while. Bless you Nordstroms!
    The V's :)