Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Airport Homecoming Thoughts

Airport Homecomings are an amazing end of the "bringing home" part of the adoption.  It is the finalization of all of the effort that it takes to bring a child home from a distant country to be united with your own family.  It is a bringing together of all of the friends and family that participated in the adoption process and cheered you along the way.  It is the exclamation point that says "We're HOME"!

The Stauffers are a family from Des Moines that drove 3 hours just to attend our homecoming.  They are also with AGCI and are currently working on their dossier - specifically they are on the fingerprinting stage.  They got to know us through blog world and through our agency's email loop.  They were kind enough to drive all that way and kind enough to take pictures and even kind enough to post about our homecoming. 

So please take a moment and visit their website by clicking here --->  Answering God's Call to Orphan Call

Thanks Stauffers for all your kind words and for being there to celebrate with us!

We are so thankful for so many friends who attended our airport homecoming.  Even after 27 hours of travel, we were sky high as we looked around at so many friends.  We were thankful to the Beavers for their many pictures and their posts, we were thankful to the Schmidts for putting together an awesome DVD, to Layner (and others) who took our luggage and carry-ons to the car without even being asked, to Tess and family who made the many, many cupcakes, to those who made such colorful signs and brought balloons and brought smiles and hugs and joy.  We are so, so blessed.  It was a great celebration of the work that God had performed during an amazing 16 months of our lives.  Thanks for being there with us!  Thanks be to God.

I have linked to these before, but wanted to once again give a special thanks to be Beavers for these kind posts:
Kind Post 1
Kind Post 2
Kind Post 3

A blog post doesn't begin to thank all of the people to the degree that we would like to.  There were many that prayed, many that called, many that helped with our kids (and dog!), many that cooked, many that served in ways that we would never have imagined.  We can't thank everyone enough for your love and support and for just being there for us.  You have all perfectly demonstrated the love of Christ in ways that we will never forget.

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