Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Latest Update in Pictures.....

Our latest update in Pictures.....

The Big Fella loves to swing.  He's hard to get in focus in whatever he does because he is always on the move when he's outside.

Eddie Joe and Peaches were flying high too

Peaches was wearing the same shoes that she wears for baseball - her Barbie high heels

It was planting time in the field behind our backyard a couple of weeks ago.  Eddie Joe enjoyed watching the planter go by.  When I asked him yesterday to go check and see if the corn was coming up or not, he ran out to the field and got down on his knees and studied the dirt very closely.  After a couple of minutes he came back with great confidence at his discovery and told me that there wasn't any corn, but there were a lot of green plants all in a row!  It took a little while to explain that the green cornstalk grows first, then the corn grows on the cornstalk.

I really enjoy watching the tractor too.  My family can attest to this strangeness.  There are many more pictures of the tractor that I'll just leave out, even though I find them completely fascinating and I'm sure you would too.  Though my family seems to think that others would find it boring.  Is that possible?  This is farming right in our backyard!  What could be better?

T-bird was making his move on Rye Bread.  T-bird clearly looks and plays a lot like Rajon Rondo.

And Rye Bread clearly looks and shoots like Ray Allen (yes, they are both Celtics fans!)

Rhubarb time!  Yes, and Heather and I are the only ones in the family that like it, so there will be plenty for the two of us.  Thanks Bo for your talents in the kitchen.  There's nothing like rhubarb in the spring.

It's in the oven right now!!!

 We met Grandma and Grandpa at Perkins for dinner.  They have been so supportive of Peaches and of our journey to bring her home. We're very thankful for them, and I know Peaches enjoys them too.

And Grandpa is clearly smitten by her too.  He spelled out her name using some ceramic tile on an old, rustic board.  It will look great in her room.

We found a small Ethiopian grocery store in our town of 12,000.  How did we not know it existed???  We bought some injera and also bought some Hambasha bread.  Good stuff. 

And Jubba's Grocery also sells Ethiopian spices.  My eyes are watering just looking at the containers knowing how spicy the contents are!

They also sell Teff Flour and a variety of meats, including goat meat.

It's always great to look back at what's on our camera to remember what's happened in the last week or two.  Life is flying by pretty quickly and we are enjoying it immensely.  A year ago we were newly on the waiting list for a toddler girl.  Now we're at home with her and soaking in life together.  Though the wait seemed long, it hardly seems like it even existed now.  For those on the waiting list, it will go quickly and you will soon be home with your little one watching life fly by too.  And it is all worth the wait!


  1. we get to watch farming right in our backyard too. :) it's really cool!
    Meddie is so cute! Her grandpa did an amazing job writing her name on the cement!
    You guys are an awesome, wonderful family...I'm so happy for Peaches!!

  2. Ok dad that post was amazing and it deserves more than one comment. So, GOOD JOB!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your encouraging son,

    --Rye Bread

  3. Thank you for including those last words of encouragement. We recently learned that our wait will get much longer (see blog for details) however we are clinging to God's peace that only comes when you are in His will...and so we will stand firm and wait until He calls us to move and bring our little one home!!

  4. So good to see some updated pictures. How great to find the little grocery store in your town. Does Peaches like injera and Doro Wat? Hermela loves it! Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the beginning of summer!