Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bomb Pops Can Bring Worship!!

As I snapped the picture above a couple of days ago, I was amazed to think that it was about a year ago that that little girl was left at the orphanage shown below.

Our little Peaches had been abandoned and was now an orphan.  She was living in far western Ethiopia, in a town called Gambella.  What would her life be like?

During this same time, a year ago, God was teaching us a lot about patience.  Though we certainly were not very good learners.  He was working in our little girl's world to bring her to us.  He was working in our world to bring us to her.  Looking back now, His timing was perfect.

Adoption is amazing.  It can take a little girl from a hopeless, poverty-stricken life to a home in Nebraska where they serve bomb pops on nice summer evenings.  Through the miracle of adoption, God unites a homeless girl with a family that has room for more.  He brings the lonely into a home and fills that home with joy and fills the lonely heart with hope.

How "cool" it is that a bomb pop can turn our eyes to God and once again see our story in a whole new way.

His web is ever spinning, ever bringing worlds together.  Holding us so that we rest securely in Him.  God we worship You.


  1. Just curious - is that Brothers and Sisters Orphanage in the photo above? Our boys are from Gambella as well, and I was curious as to whether the picture above is of the place they lived before coming to HH.

  2. Yes, I believe it is. You can see Almaz in the picture.

  3. Adoption is so awesome on so many levels...and the truth that our Heavenly Father allows us to participate and receive such blessing from it, amazes me!

  4. It is so encouraging to see the other side of adoption... when perfect timing is realized. We are trusting in His perfect timing and doing our best to remain patient. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary on the AGCI waitlist. Twelve months waiting for a toddler. I can't quite believe it, but we trust God is weaving our little one's story, and preparing all our hearts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Janet - we waited 8 months for a toddler (and were #1 for a girl toddler for most of that wait). I can't imagine 4 more months on top of that. Know that God is working in your little one's life and yours. He is weaving your stories. His timing is perfect. I know the wait still hurts, but He is good. Rest in Him.

  6. O, how we love Peaches! We praise the God that not only brought her into your family but into our faith family and our community of friends.

    I'm so thankful to the Lord that my Russian Oksana has your Ethiopian Peaches as a comrade in adjusting to life in America.

    We thank God for his goodness in give the Beaver family the opportunity to watch Him in action through adoption in the Nordstrom family.

    Much love,
    Mrs. Beaver