Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ethiopian Food, Ethiopian Fun

Thanks to Ron and Senait for a great afternoon of Ethiopian food and Ethiopian fellowship.  The injera and wat were delicious and satisfied a craving!  As soon as we walked in the house, we were flooded with the wonderful smell of the food and the beautiful smile of Senait.  The food and the hospitality took us back to Addis - where the warmth of the people is something you never forget.

We met Ron and Senait last week as they were visiting our church for the first time.  We were excited to have someone from Ethiopia visiting.  We were even more excited to be invited to their house for lunch today (after meeting them just one time).  It was sobering to also meet several of their friends who were also at their house for lunch and are in the States as refugees from Eritrea.  Aren't refugees supposed to only be in movies?  Aren't we supposed to be completely insulated from people whose lives are touched by war, poverty, and oppressive governments?  We are excited that not only will we have Ron and Senait visiting our church, but also one of the Eritrean families are interested in coming next week.  We look forward to being seasoned with more International flavor - and having our lives challenged by the needs of these refugee people.

Here are some pics from the day:
 As soon as the plate was set before her, Peaches was back in her happy place, grabbing a big piece of injera, scooping up some wat, and devouring it!

 The Henns were part of the party!

 Dash and Oggie - diggin' in!

 T-Bird and Rye Bread

 Sunshine and Bo

 Peaches with her new Eritrean friends.  They had a great time together.

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