Friday, October 7, 2011

A Weak Body Served by His Body

What happens when the physical body becomes weak?  It needs help from those around.  Yes, that seems obvious.  But when you're the one in need, it suddenly takes on greater importance. 

We saw that first hand this week.  On Tuesday, we saw Heather's body suddenly require emergency surgery.  And in the process, we saw the body of Christ suddenly spring into action and absorb our family's needs as quickly as they arose.  Many of those needs were quickly extinguished without even asking us.  We are blessed beyond measure and are thankful for those whose hearts have been transformed by the love of God.

It's a testimony to us - the receivers of great care - of how important taking specific actions to reach out to those in need.  Love is action, not just words.  Think of God's love for us, think of what our love for others should look like.

For a glimpse of one of the specific families that sprung into action, please click and visit the Beavers' blog Unto Him We Live

We also had families that provided emergency birthday supplies for our dear Peaches' 5th b-day (coming in a later post), we had beautiful cupcakes made by the beautiful Bugg, meals arranged for us, visits in the hospital, our house cleaned from top to bottom, and so on and so on.  We are overwhelmed!

Blessings to everyone that prayed for us this week.  We are very thankful to be beyond the surgical/hospital phase and moving on with healing at home.  And we are even more thankful for those around us who help not only with the healing of the body, but the healing of the soul.

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