Friday, December 2, 2011

Celebrating Our One Year Referral-versary

We joyously celebrated the one year anniversary of our referral tonight.  So thankful for our Peaches.  So thankful that she is home.  So thankful for the many, many blessings we've experienced over the past year.

Together as a family we went out to eat and remembered some of the details from 12/2/10.  What fun!  And as we were remembering we were a year ago and what we were doing, it was sobering to think that Peaches was still getting situated at Hannah's Hope in Addis, having been there for only a week.  I can't imagine what that transition was like for her.  I can't imagine how scared she must have been.  I can't imagine how alone she must have felt.  A 4 year-old without family.  Can you imagine?

This scared little girl is now glowing with joy, has a laugh that we all love to hear, and calls us "mom" and "dad" in a way that melts your heart. 

She's home now.  She's comfortable here with us.  She's one of us.  We are so thankful for her!!!  God has been so good to continue to heal her little heart and to pour much grace upon all of us.  What a year to reflect on!!!

Some pics of that amazing day and that amazing phone call!

 The Referral Call!!!  Heather talking to Kiersten getting the amazing news!

 Getting ready to open the email with the details!

Together looking at our beautiful little girl!!!

And please click HERE for the link to the blog post for the amazing Referral Party!

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