Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Swingin' Good Time!

Peaches and T-Bird enjoying the swings at Hannah's Hope - Feb 2011
Last night we had a fundraiser / soup and pie supper / worship music night at Southern Hill Baptist here in Sioux City.  The purpose of the night was to share the needs of the trip we will be taking in March to Ethiopia.  Let me just say that it was an amazing night!  There were over 200 people in attendance.  That's over 200 people that have a heart for the orphan, a heart for missions, a heart for serving others.  Over 200 people right here in Sioux City.  It was a beautiful night to be a part of.

For those who have been following the fundraising for the swing set, we had raised $560.  In just a couple of weeks we were already at about 1/3 of the cost of the swing set equipment.  I was amazed at how quickly God was bringing in the money.  Well, you can imagine how excited I was to be given $1100 last night toward the swing set project!  That put us over the amount that was needed for the equipment.  We are grateful for all who gave and grateful that God has provided over and above our need.  We will use the additional money toward the tools that we need to bring and the additional luggage fees that will be required.

We are rejoicing in God's goodness toward the project!  We are rejoicing as we think about many, many kiddos that will soon be swinging and giggling with delight on the swing set that so many people have donated toward.  I can't wait to post pictures when we return!

So thank you to those who have given and to those who have prayed.  I wish you could come with us and push some kids to delirious heights on their new swing set!

In addition to the money collected for the swing set, we also collected over $2000 toward the general expenses of the trip.  That money will be used to help with travel expenses (~$2000 per person) and with medical supplies that we are going to be bringing.  We will be starting to organize the medical supplies list and costs next and that will likely bring some additional fundraising efforts.  So stay tuned!

We are just six weeks away from traveling.  We still have a lot to get done.  Please pray for our preparations, please pray for our additional fundraising, please pray for our hearts to be ready to go.  As Matthew 25:40 states, we are going to serve the least of these.  God is rolling that passage through my mind as we think about the why's of going to such a far-off place to serve such destitute people.  Is it really worth it?  After reading the passage in Matthew 25, it is clear that we are not just going to serve these beautiful people, but we are going to serve Jesus.  In as much as we go and serve the least of these, we go and serve Him.

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