Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AGCI Phone Call

We found out today that our agency is holding a conference call tomorrow for everyone who is in the process of adopting from Ethiopia through them. The conference call is about changes that are happening to the Ethiopian program. We don't know what the changes are and do not know if they are serious or if it will cause a major disruption to our plans.

We are reminded once again that nothing is for sure. Our plans are only plans, we have no ability to bring them to completion on our own. Although I say nothing is for sure, I am also reminded that from God's perspective His plans are always for sure. He will bring everything to pass in His timing in His way. So regardless of what happens on the phone call tomorrow, His plans are perfect and He is in control.

Please pray for our call tomorrow. We will post what happens with it.

On another note - Thank you Rachel for mailing the letter! You rock!

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  1. We received an update about program changes today too...waiting for more information. "Be anxious about nothing...."