Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Background Checks

One of the requirements for our homestudy is a full background check from each state we have lived in since we have had children. For us, that's three states: Georgia, Iowa, and Nebraska. So far we have received the results from Iowa and Nebraska. We have not received the results from Georgia. I will refrain from any Georgia jokes that might infer any reason for their slowness as being related to their southerness. I also will not try to make you picture someone named Bubba opening the request for a background check on two people from Nebraska. I am certain that the hold-up on our results has nothing at all to do with any of that.

At this point we are only waiting on the Georgia background check (and one other item that I will check on tonight) until Cindy has all the information for our home study compiled. Then the amazing Cindy will write it up and we'll be off to the next stage.

Incidentally, I thought I would include the picture of the place where we had our homestudy interviews. It is in Omaha at 124th and Center at Nebraska Christian Services. That's Heather saying, "Russ, I'm cold. Take the picture and let's get inside."

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