Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another AGCI Email

Another email we received from our agency AGCI. This helps to clarify that our additional trip to Ethiopia will be following the referral completion. We will the make travel arrangements so that we can appear in court in Ethiopia. We anticipate this could be mid-summer, but could also end up being in the fall.

Good Afternoon Families,
I hope that you are all doing well—spring is certainly starting to show its face more and more and we are ready for that here!
We have received several emails asking about when a family has a “file opened” and we thought that we would just make sure that everyone understands what this is and when this happens. This takes place after a family has officially accepted the referral of a child and all of the referral documents have been completed and are into our office. Once these documents are in we will then notify our staff in Ethiopia of the family’s intention to move forward. In the past we were able to notify our staff that a family was going forward once the international pediatrician review took place. However, due to Court appointments currently being scheduled 1-3 weeks out, going forward we will require all documents to be in the office to allow for sufficient time to prepare for travel. Once our staff is notified they will begin translation of the documents and then submit or “open file” at the Court. This happens simultaneously to the same paperwork being filed with MOWA and the Central Authority.

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