Monday, March 15, 2010

Email from AGCI

We got the following information in an email from AGCI tonight. We are still trying to understand what it means specifically for us:

Dear Families,

Today we talked to Almaz quite extensively about the new travel process in Ethiopia. Overall it was all good news—at least for families that are further along in their adoption process. Mainly, we did learn that this 2 trip process will still be in place. The positive side of this though is that they will allow any family who currently has a file open (we have connected with those that this applies to) or will have a file opened in the next few weeks.
We also did learn that when families do travel for their first trip that it appears that this will be for the Court appointment. This was one option we talked about on the conference call although we were somewhat hoping this would not be the case. Now, from a families perspective this actually might be better because you will go a few days prior to Court, spend time with your child(ren) and address any concerns and then attend the Court appointment. The benefit is that it is more likely that those who are adopting a child who is relinquished will have the opportunity to meet the birth family. The downside is that we will not be able to be flexible with travel dates and there will be very quick travel planning due to the pre-scheduled Court appointment.
As we have been saying this will be an ongoing conversation, we will continue to learn more with time.

We hope to better understand how the timing of this second trip will work. We hope to find out more information this week.

God has been good to continue to remind us that He is in control, His plans are better than my plans.

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