Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evacuation Plan - Done and Posted!

One of the many, strange requirements of adoption is the Evacuation Plan. This is a requirement to include in our home study to have a statement that says we have an Evacuation Plan. This evacuation plan is to be posted in our home. The evacuation plan is to show an overview of the home and the escape routes. Each room is supposed to have two escape routes which may include a window.

As I thought about this, I pondered our 3 or 4 year old girl. After arriving in the United States, she will have little or no knowledge of English. She will not understand the many strange customs that we have. Much of the food we will eat will be new and different. Sights and sounds will all be new.

She will however, have an Evacuation Plan! She will be excited to see it, memorize it, and practice it. That will keep her comforted to know that there is a plan, it is posted, and it has arrows leading the way out of our home. I see her running to the plan to see where the nearest window, door, or other exit is. She will be safe and always will have an exit nearby. I am considering installing small lights along the floor routing to the nearest exit such as those in airplanes and theaters.

Well, enough for now. I have to go post my newly developed Evacuation Plan.


  1. You're a natural blogger! Definitely not too old for such things. I'm assuming you're going to give your other children quizzes on this plan as well. Glad to know you'll all be safe.

  2. Julie - you are too kind...and you are probably just trying to make an old guy feel good. You are actually the real blogging machine. Multiple blogs and getting ready for a half marathon! Can't wait to hear how that goes. I can better picture your dad with a golf club or a cup of coffee and a scone than with a pair of running shoes.