Friday, March 5, 2010

Go Eagles

The Eagles basketball team completed their inaugural season tonight. It was the first game of a single elimination tournament. Things didn't go well in the game tonight, but we did have a strong 4th quarter. We lost 41-34. The guys played with great effort. It was fun to see how they improved through the year. Overall, our record was 5-8. We played in a 9 team league. Due to strange scheduling, we ended up playing the top three teams a total of 6 times. That accounted for 6 of our 8 losses. We only played the bottom teams once. We ended up in about the middle of the league. The kids have definitely entered a new league and are near-professional (admission is charged at the door - $1 for kids, $2 for adults) but they are still hanging on to their amateur status.

Monday night practices have been a highlight for the three dads. The part of the practice where the dads take on the kids gets intense. I'm pretty sure I've taken all of them to the floor at least once. Any injuries sustained by the kids are not my fault. If I see a gap in the lane, I'm goin' to the hoop. If I see a player trying to drive into the lane and I'm on defense......well let's just say we don't like to give up open layups. As dads, we're also the refs during practice, and I think we call a pretty fair game.

The line-up in the team photo:
Front row left-to right: Tyler "the dribbler", Levi "downtown", David "Mr. speed", and Ryan "crazy defense"
Back row left-to-right: Coach Russ "the rock", Caleb "postin it up", Luke "sky man", Seth "the smooth", and Coach Scott "the cerebral, 3 point shootin, dribble, drive, and dish Mr. basketball"
Not pictured: Pastor Dave "can't cover me, aka the ghost"

Go Eagles!!!!

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