Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adoption Books

Just finished a book this morning that I highly recommend. I read it cover to cover this morning, and if you know me that's quite an accomplishment. The book is a story of a 6 week old boy in China that was abandoned in a field after suffering burns over 70% over his body. Apparently his parents so no hope and decided to walk away from him. The story recounts several years of miraculous intervention by people and events around the globe that result in many successful surgeries and ultimately adoption into a loving family. Ultimately it was clearly God's hand and God's providence at work. Though the arduous path was seemingly impossible, it was a series of simple steps set forth in easy motion by the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. The book is called "Saving Levi" and was written by Lisa Misraje Bentley.

The story reminded me of the reason for adoption: to give abandoned, vulnerable children a loving home. To provide the mom and dad and family that they have lost. To ultimately allow God's love to funnel through us to them. To show them that the sacrifices we make to bring one considered "unworthy" into our home, is a small, small picture of God bringing many "unworthy" ones into His home.

I would also highly recommend another book by the founder of our adoption agency Jan Beazely called "The Strength of Mercy." I also read that book back to back on a Saturday and was greatly moved by their love and compassion on their quest to adopt a little girl from Romania.

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