Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great News!

We got an email from Cindy (our social worker) that said she had completed our home study draft!!!! She sent a copy to AGCI (our agency) and to us for review. We are stoked! Thank you Cindy for all your hard work. For that effort, you get your picture posted again on our blog. I know you really appreciate that. We are still waiting for our background check info to come back from Georgia. I went into detail previously (see post) on why that could be and won't go into it again. So please pray that Bubba from Georgia would send our background check info in to Cindy soon! Once that's in and AGCI has agreed to the home study, we can get our dossier moving. God has been good to keep things moving along. We are thankful for His leading.

On other fronts, we are still moving forward with our septic tank replacement. After 3 backups this winter (I won't go into detail here - though we've been spared any damage inside), our system requires replacement due to problems with the drainfield. I've learned way more about septic systems than I care to know. We expect our septic guy to start on the replacement in a couple of weeks. That should be a breath of fresh air when it is complete.

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  1. This is awesome! a finished homestudy is a big step!! Can't wait until your septic is done. no more backups....sweet!