Thursday, April 29, 2010

Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference - Day 1

Wow.  Day 1 at the adoption conference was amazing.  The highlights included:

  • getting to meet the Bushel and a Peck lady.  Her name is Lisa and it was really funny how we ran into her.  She was great to talk to.  I think that she thinks we're kind of creepy since we know so much about her from her blog.  It seemed like wherever we walked during the day, she was there, kind of looking over her shoulder saying to someone near her, "are they still following me?"
  • getting to chat with a couple of the people at the AGCI booth.  It was fun to talk with them about some of the people that we've dealt with at AGCI.  "Definitely.....good question"!
  • going to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner tonight.  It was a fun experience.  We went with the Henns, Jaimee Jo, the Reynolds, and another family that the Henns know - the Olsons.  There were I think 18 of us.  Hard to believe but I was known the uptight guy who wanted to make sure we got back to the concert in time.
  • hearing Mary Beth Chapman speak on their adoptions and the last two years of their lives.  I can't even begin to convey all of that.  It was very moving.
  • hearing and worshiping with Steven Curtis Chapman.  Just him singing with his acoustic guitar and then him singing and playing the piano.  He also shared about their adoptions and the loss of their daughter Maria.  It was a very memorable night.
We were moved by the need for orphan care.  We were moved by what God is doing through many people and through many ministries.  We were moved as were worshiped our great God.  It was a great day.

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  1. it sounds like a highlight filled spiritual
    covered and all around wonderful day
    in Christ