Friday, April 30, 2010

Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference - Day 2

Another full day.  It was full of highlights, full of insights, full of God.

The morning started with worship from a guy named Peder  Eide and then a group named Desperation Band.  The band is from Colorado Springs and have orphan ministry as one of their focuses.  It was great worship - even if it was 8:30 in the morning and one of the ladies told us we couldn't bring our coffee into the sanctuary.  What??? no coffee at 8:30 am in the morning???  BTW - the coffee we drank all weekend was Gobena coffee.  It comes from Ethiopia and is an orphan ministry.  Go buy some coffee at their website at

The morning session also included a beautiful family of 11 giving their testimony of Adoption Sunday - it was The Beavers!  It was cool seeing them all up there.  I took some pics that I'll post when I get back home.  Al Mohler also gave a message along with a fifty something year old former orphan from South Korea.  She had a very powerful message.

We went to two sessions by Dr. Karen Purvis on Attachment Disorders.  She was fascinating to listen to.  We also attended one on Transracial adoptions.  Also very interesting.

Dinner was at Don Pablo's.  Mexican is always good!  We went with the Henns, Jamie Jo, and The Beavers.  Great food, great fellowship.

The night ended with the worship group from Bethlehem Baptist leading a worship time and then two speakers.  The first was a Russian Pastor who has adopted three children inside Russia.  He spoke in Russian and used a translator.  It was cool to hear him talk while sitting with six adopted kids from Russia.  He was very energetic and fun to listen to.  He had a great story of his desire to spread a passion for adoption inside of Russia.  The second speaker was Dr. Piper.  In his unparalleled passion, he spoke about pursuing everything we do, whether it's adoption or anything else, through faith because it all lies in His hands.

We got pictures of Megan from AGCI and of Lisa from Bushel and a Peck.  I'll post those when we get home.  Layne posted some photos on his blog of the photos from last night's Ethiopian meal at Fasika's.

We found out this morning that Sunshine made the color guard at school for next year (that's the flag team if you're old school like me).  Great job girl!

T-bird's baseball team won 12-0 tonight.  Way to go Cardinal Farms!!!

We'll see you tomorrow kiddos!  We love you!!!!!!!!!  We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

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