Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinner and Concerts

        Tonight my mom and dad are going to a dinner with friends and the missionary family from a previous post. We kids are staying home and eating by ourselves. Scary, right? Haha. We are all hoping that there will be no Nordstrom incident at the dinner tonight! And also, if you`re wondering, this is Rye Bread. On Thursday last week, T-Bird and I had a band/jazz band concert. It was a lot of fun playing and watching the audience`s faces. Also, tonight, Sunshine has a choir concert that we will all be going to so it should be fun. Well, as you know, we are having supper alone tonight so I had better go help with that. Thanks for reading!!! I hope I didn`t bore you.

                                                                -Rye Bread

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  1. I got your guys blog from Kaylee. CUTE NAMES!

    p.s. hope supper goes alright! LOL :-D