Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're On The Waiting List!!!

We got a call from Brandy today at AGCI.  She received our updated dossier documents and said everything looked great.  She informed us that we are officially ON THE WAITING LIST!  Now that we are done with our dossier/homestudy documents, we won't be working with Brandy anymore - we will be back with Kiersten.  Brandy told us that Kiersten would be calling us either later today or tomorrow to tell us our number!   We'll update this post as soon as we find something out.  BTW - if we had Brandy's pic to post, we would.  She's been great to work with.

UPDATE:  We got the call from Kiersten with our number.  Don't have time to get into the details now since we have to run out the door for a choir concert (Rye Bread and T-bird's choir).  We will update later.

I do have a moment to say that Kiersten and the folks at AGCI have to be the nicest people in the world!  Always helpful, always knowledgeable - they speak to you as though you are the only person they are talking to all day long.  Thanks Kiersten!  Here's a pic of her again.....
UPDATE:  Let me say first of all, the concert was fantastic.  It was the homeschool choir and they have improved substantially over the last several years.  It was fun to watch the all of the kids sing.

Back to the phone conversation with Kiersten.  She was calling specifically to give us our number (and to answer any and all questions - all questions are definitely good questions).  I was wondering how we would be grouped since we are looking to adopt a toddler and most people are looking to adopt an infant.  So, I was hoping for a low number.  When she started to tell me the number, I heard her start to say, "fif-" and I was hoping for fifteen - but instead it was "fifty-two."  I was initially a little surprised.  She said we are in line with everyone waiting for a girl (of any age). 

Kiersten said the time for a referral for people waiting for an infant girl is about 8-10 months.  She told me that we could possibly wait 4-5 months....or it could happen much more quickly.  I also found out that even though we are #52 on the list, there are "certainly less than ten and maybe even less than five" families ahead of us with our age parameters.  So it is a possibility it could be a wait until the fall, but it could also come sooner.  We are praying for the "sooner" option.  Kiersten also provided answers to questions regarding the timing of things once the referral happens and other travel information.  As always, it was an informative phone call.

Please pray that the timing of the trips would not coincide with our August plant shut down.  I cannot travel during that month and would need to defer travel until after the shut down. 

Praise God that we are done with the major paperwork portion of our adoption.


  1. Congratulations on waiting! I have your family added to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs and I wish you all the very best as you move forward in your journey!

  2. We praise God with you for this incredible opportunity to participate in His perfect plan for you all and for your precious little girl!

    Pack your bags!!! We're all praying for you!

    The Reynolds

  3. Yessssss! Officially on a list and done with the paperwork. We are praying for a speedy process to bring your precious little daughter home. Oh my this is sooooo exciting.
    The Henns

  4. Ed & Carol VoloshenApril 21, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    Woo Hoo!!! So excited to read the latest update!! You are on the list!!! How does that sound? We will be praying for a sooner than later phone call to go get your precious daughter!!
    The V's